Excerpt from The Magazine March 2003

Excerpt from The Magazine

I'm eight and have been doing yoga forever! I have a 10 year old brother an a 6 year-old sister who also do yoga. My mom is a teacher of Yoga classes for kids. She has been doing yoga for about 20 years... even when she was pregnant she did yoga every day! Yoga is a type of exercise. We do warm-ups, games and stretches. There are different types of yoga (like Ashtanga, Kripalu and Sivananda), but I take Iyengar Yoga - the best kind! There are over a hundred poses, my favourite being 'Savasana'. That's when you lie down on your back (on a mat) with your eyes closed, while the teacher tells the class a story... you should try it!!

P.S. My sister drew the picture for this on our computer!!