Since its founding in 1994, Toronto’s first family yoga studio has given countless people the opportunity to practice joyful and creative yoga within the heart of their family.

Today…more than ever

Yoga is the perfect antidote for our hyper-busy, high-stress world, where parents long for an opportunity for family togetherness and connection. YogaBuds enables family members of all ages to experience authentic connection, while also deriving the many physical and spiritual benefits of yoga.

What makes YogaBuds different? Chiefly, the way Temmi Ungerman Sears, Director of YogaBuds, weaves yoga within the matrix of your family relationships. Combining her many years of yoga teaching experience with her training as an expressive therapist and family therapist, Temmi creates a sacred space where love and connection flourish. Expect joy and laughter in every class!

A fun family affair

Each themed practice comprises rituals, cooperative games and stories, partner work and dynamic postures, together with guided visualization and relaxation. As with every YogaBuds class, you will receive guidance in body and breath awareness, postural alignment and stress-reduction techniques. We may also include creative art as part of the process. Regardless of the specific path, however, in our experience most families seek the same thing — positive and loving interaction.