Mother Daughter Mindfulness and Yoga

This past September marked Temmi's 30th year of teaching yoga and mindfulness and providing psychotherapy services to midtown Toronto and beyond. It is almost 20 years since Temmi was at the forefront of the children's yoga movement in Canada.

This series provides the opportunity for skills development, and enables the tween or teen to relax through the power of nonverbal modalities. As she matures and individuates at this crucial stage of development, a fundamental goal is to further solidify a strong relationship with her mother.

Mindfulness and Yoga is a powerful blend that promotes wellbeing by directing our attention to our experience as it unfolds, moment-to-moment, breath by breath. In this series, mother and daughter practice learning to be present, in touch with the body and centred in one’s being. Authentic emotional connection between mother and daughter is also fostered. Participants are encouraged to come to class without any "agenda."

By practicing Mindfulness and Yoga together, mother and daughter will increase their individual sense of confidence, experience positive physical health (including postural awareness and improvements), learn how to deal with stress and anxiety through balance, and share in learning to let go. They will leave class feeling calm, peaceful and connected.

Utilizing her experience as a mother of three (including two daughters), a family therapist, expressive therapist and seasoned yoga instructor, Temmi seamlessly guides participants to develop trust and to share a powerful learning and bonding experience in a safe and supportive manner. Sessions are fun and light-hearted. Through her guidance, participants will achieve mindfulness, partner yoga and true connection.

New 10-week Mother-Daughter Yoga & Mindfulness class:
Tuesdays, 7-7:45 pm starting April 4 - June 13. Pre-registration is required.