Private Yoga sessions

We customize YogaBuds Private sessions to your unique needs, based on one-on-one consultation and taught on a one-on-one basis. This enables us to develop a deeper understanding of who you are, which enables us to plan specifically for your needs. Private yoga sessions are great for beginners, practitioners who want to deepen their practise, or for those with specific needs, issues or injuries. Once we understand your needs, we develop a personalized and relevant yoga practice that may include some of the following tools: a customized sequence of postures or asanas and timings for them, counselling, conscious and mindful breathwork or pranayama, visualization and relaxation, and mindful meditation. Ultimately, private sessions are convenient, specifically tailored to meet your needs, goals and capabilities.

These sessions are recommended for:

The discerning student, who wants to deepen their understanding of yogic practices and philosophies, or refine their technique. Private sessions inspire growth and improve health and wellbeing in ways specific to your physical and emotional state, leading to a transformative experience.

The special needs student, who wants to address specific personal issues, questions or injuries. Private yoga sessions facilitate mindfulness and sensitivity in a safe and supportive manner. We recommend Private sessions if you’re recovering from surgery, coping with injuries or various health issues, derive restorative benefits and manage stress, or to complement other wellness treatments. Therapeutic yoga or psychotherapy sessions are also available.

Private sessions can be taken as preparation for the beginner, to supplement group classes or to study through private instruction. Semi-private sessions are also available, including Yoga for Parent and Child or Teen, and Yoga for Couples.


Private sessions are 60 or 90 minutes and are held at YogaBuds Studio.

Rates are $120 for one hour.

Cancellation Policy: full refund if cancellation received more than 24 hours from appointment. Full payment required thereafter.