Restorative Yoga

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of self-care through a totally relaxing, supported and wonderful practise! 

 A Sunday class

4-6 pm $56. (+hst)

 Dates to be announced in the Winter Session. Pre-registration is required.


Experience a deep release of stress and a profound calming of the nervous system and mind. This gentle, therapeutic style of yoga uses props (rope wall, bolsters, blankets, chairs, benches, pillows, blocks and belts) to create completely supported resting poses and exact alignment. There is a prolonged holding of simple poses with deep and quiet breathing. Working with breath and visualization, you quiet the brain, move deeply inward and reach a state of equanimity. 

As you direct and draw your attention inward you begin to really slow down, calm and balance the nervous system, experience body-based mindfulness, and expand self-awareness. In the Restorative Yoga practice, you learn the art of surrendering, releasing, and truly letting go. When you let go, you access your inner stillness and the silence spaciousness within and leave behind stress, tension or anxiety. When the practice concludes you take away with you the beautiful residue of the poses and the calming benefits of the practice. Restorative Yoga is wonderfully healing and rejuvenating while also beneficial in boosting immune function and decreasing stress.