During this critical developmental stage, teenagers undergo immense physical and emotional changes that can generate dramatic levels of stress. This is why the skills and lessons acquired through yoga are particularly valuable to teens. At YogaBuds, they learn how to have fun; stretch, strengthen and improve balance; calm their nervous system; improve social ineraction; achieve life balance and stress management skills, while relaxing through breath awareness and mindfulness techniques. By developing poise, confidence and grace, teenagers leave class with the lifelong gifts of improved self-esteem and body awareness.

Technology breeds poor posture

The posture of today’s teenager has been greatly compromised by the inordinate amount of time they typically spend with technology. Our classes focus on understanding healthy movement patterns and implementing ideal postural alignment. Other key benefits of YogaBuds classes for teens:

  • Greater strength, flexibility and balance
  • Enhanced self-awareness and positive body image and self-image
  • Heightened self-esteem, creativity and confidence
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Greater mind-body connection
  • Stress management skills, including relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Lifelong habits for maintaining health and wellbeing
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