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Specialist in Private YogaTemmi Ungerman Sears has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and has over two decades of yoga teaching experience.

Her training in yoga therapy began in the 90's as she apprenticed in Special Needs classes at a yoga centre in Toronto, and has continued by assisting in Medical Classes at the Ramamani Memorial Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India.

Temmi also has extensive experience working as a Family Art Therapist in schools, private agencies, Employee Assistance Programs, and in private practice working with individuals of all ages and stages.

She is a highly skilled and extremely sensitive and empathic yogi and teacher. Students and clients feel an immediate connection and trust. Her motivational and empathic teaching style creates a profound transformative experience for students and clients alike. Her intent is to impart the purity of yoga so that the depth of the experience of yoga is known.

Her own yoga practice has greatly impacted her understanding of therapeutic yoga as she has moved through various life stages since finding yoga in her early twenties. Her pre/post natal yoga guided Temmi through her three pregnancies, and she has also used her yoga to manage her own injuries and health issues.

Testimonials from Past Students

“Don’t you deserve 1 hour a week of private, self-focused yoga? The best gift I’ve ever given to myself, for myself is the time I spend each week with Temmi doing yoga. It might only be reflective imagery, focused breathing and stretching or intensive poses using ropes and blocks all done to my classical music. Whatever, I always feel my effort, as my body and mind fuse together in harmony beyond my words. Treat yourself in this life to yoga with Temmi. You’ll never look back. You deserve less stress, less fatigue, and more energy forever!”
-Shelley (53 years young!)

Facing an expectedly challenging period in my life, I turned to Temmi to help me stay positive. Her private sessions were just what I needed. Working one-on-one, Temmi integrates her expansive knowledge of yoga, counseling, and creative therapy. Of course she brings all her training and gifts to her group classes as well. But as a student / client, I have also benefited greatly from the opportunity to work with Temmi in private sessions when I’ve needed more focused and personal support.

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